Just thinking

Busy driving myself crazy thinking about this making tutorials thing, it seems everybody has written a tutorial on some form of lamp working glass style, or techniques. So I just want to address it from the point of view of collecting tools we collect lots of lamp work tools, personally I have a whole stable of them from cat walk ,CG tools and Zoo Zii, Jim Moore, many of them I never use they are sitting in the corner gathering dust. I have my favorites the lentil the crunch and the giant lentil guess those are my favorites, and I had a few shaping tools, marvers and Razor blade tools. My point is we collect these tools because we might get an inspiration from them or a new style or new shape, not only that but they fun to play with, then speaking for myself we go back to our old favorites.
How does this apply to tutorials we seem to gather tutorials in the same way and we look at them and we either choose something out of there that peeks our interest or we just leave it lying in our computer in the file marked tutorials. Until there is a day when we think I can’t remember how to do that technique and then we go in to tutorials and find it.
As for me I have forgotten more than I can remember so creating tutorials is probably a good idea for everyone since for the last 19 years I haven’t written anything down.
The other day I was trying to create the flower bead or should I say Petal beads which I learned to do 18 years ago the technique was a little different than what is being done today, so I worked all day making a bunch of Petal beads my way and was so frustrated I went home and I knew that magma had made a tutorial so I pay $25 to be reminded of something that I forgot.duh.
Next day I opened my kiln to find my petal beads were not the same but they were pretty cool , smack myself on the head.
I’m so glad lots of artists are making tutorials because my memory is just not the way it used to be.

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