Maybe I’m crazy …2015 I’m doing the Tucson Show

Tucson Glass Art and Bead Festival

It’s Tucson time again!!! Well, not quite. But as we head into the 2014 holiday season, everyone’s thoughts are turning toward Tucson — making arrangements, checking the budgets, and deciding exactly what you plan to see and do at the Tucson gem, jewelry, bead, mineral, and fossil shows in February.

One of the greatest things about the Tucson shows is that, every year, there are new things to explore. For 2015, there will a brand-new show — the Tucson Glass Art and Bead Festival. It is a celebration of glass art, and it’s promoted and supported completely by glass artists. You’ll find some of the most spectacular glass beads, sculptures, and more by premier artists from around the world. Artists who will be exhibiting and selling their glass at the show include Lewis Wilson, Bronwen Heilman, Akihiro Okama, Patty Lakinsmith, and many others.
Vase by Bronwen Heilman

Lewis_Wilson_chess_set2Chess any one ? Lewis Wilson

In addition to the amazing glass art vendors, the show will also include a wonderful exhibit of Japanese glass artwork. The work of more than 20 Japanese artists will be showcased to the public — free of charge!

The Tucson Glass Art and Bead Festival will be held at the Quality Inn and Suites on South Julian Drive in Tucson and will run from Febuary 3-7. For more info, check the website —

Of course, you’ll find complete information on this show and every 2015 Tucson show in the 2015 Tucson Show Guide which will be out in December. But as you begin your Tucson planning now, your best resource is the 2014 Tucson Show Guide! Not only does it give you a thorough picture of last year’s shows, it also contains the Annual Buyers’ Directory, your complete guide to sources for gems, beads, minerals, fossils, tools, and more — whether they participate in the Tucson shows or not!

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