My Clio Magic Tutorial

Ok so the big question? I get these days is ” how to find it ” Gosh its not a secret ….you must bare with me, I am on fast frigging forward to learn all this social media stuff , OMG how did I survive the 70’s no cell phone no computer , do you ever ask yourself ? How? So who would have thought, I just built my self, not one but 2 websites , yeah I’m learning …Hey I just learned how to add a sign up list to my website , can you believe it after having a website for 12 years , Ok I’m a bit slow. It seems to take time to digest this stuff …I swear kids pop out of the womb these days holding an I pad , ouch!

Anyway the point is its all part of the learning process , I have all this stuff on my webby but you  can’t find it ,I am constantly going in there and changing things around to make it ” user friendly “. Here’s the problem gang I get on a roll work for 2 hours figure it all out (you know that because I’m officially over 60 and have chronic CRS I re teach myself every day .) So I get it done and my computer crashes then I have to reset the dang website back to the last time I saved it , which of course deletes every thing I just did ….YIKES I need a glass of wine

…..advanced workshop hot pink2012

Ok so here’s the link to my Clio tutorial …Enjoy ! its my fave …

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