Are Brick and Mortar Bead Stores a dying breed?

People do not realize the dedication it takes to run a physical bead shop, sometimes I feel like the help , well I could sure use some, but I am the only person I know who works for beads. I totally understand someone wanting to get a better price for something online, but, a big BUT ! sometimes folks don’t think about the amount of time they spend online hunting down a product , ordering it waiting a week or 2 to get it , I don’t know about you, I but like instant gratification if I am in a shop and they have what I want I get the whole meal deal .

Ok Susan you ask what are you talking about ? Today I had a younger woman come in and buy all the bits to make earrings she had asked about  the earwires I showed her the sterling silver which priced 1.00 to 2.00 per earring , I always ask if they know how to put things together she said she knew and it had been years so obviously she did not have an arsenal of beads at home . So when it came to checking out there were no earrings, so I asked ? The response which grated on my ears like finger nails on the blackboard was “I’m going to go on amazon for a better price ”  my ears are still ringing .Ok fine really …So after she left I searched on Amazon for sterling silver ear wires ,,and guess what? My prices are comparable, and my quality is better…


The message I am trying to pass to you is , MOM and POP stores are disappearing, instead you have the big mega shops with no personal service and most everything is from China, or order online where there is no one to show you how to create a earring , how to hold the pliers to make that loop with precision.

Support your privately owned bead stores , we do what we do not because we are making tons of money , its for the love of beads .


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